Thursday, March 23, 2006

Interlude: Ode to Parmigiano Reggianno

Thou art undisputed: the king of all cheeses.

You are called "the cheese of eight centuries",
due to your distinguished history.

Northern Italy, in Parma and Reggio,
is where you are made.

You are straw coloured,
from the grasses the cows eat.
Fine, sun-ripened grass.

You are eternal: the same as old.
Those armored knights, saints and serfs
feasted as we do.

You are a true food,
served as an aperitif, thence
with entrees of pasta.

And to close out the eve',
why not as a fine dessert,
sliced from a large wheel?

Ah, Re di Formaggio,
I love you more than life, just...
not sexually.

1 comment:

keith said...

that is quite possibly the greatest last line ever