Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Sandal Phobia

First of all, let me apologize to any bloke who enjoys wearing sandals, but...

...what's the story with guys who wear sandals? It's possible: I may be repressed, and have issues relating to feet and such, but I can't stand the sight of blokes walking around with their gnarly toes exposed.

April is here, and it's gonna start soon. Guys in flip flops, or those Teva Terraluxes, or those Nike velcro sandals -- crap, it's even worse when they wear socks with 'em.

That said, the only sandal I could approve of would be the old Roman-style ones: a flat leather sole with leather or rawhide straps that criss-cross up and over the calves to the knee. Now that's a sandal. If a bloke can wear such a sandal whilst cleaving other blokes with a huge broadsword, that's alright in my book.

But until I can find such a sandal, I'll be the bloke in 90-degree weather wearing a pair of ankle-high hiking boots laced up nice and tight, with my feets nice and snug inside.


Road to the Isles said...

thank god for this post! I HATE HATE HATE guys in sandals...I think March has a few pairs...and I HATE toes. I even hate my own toes for that matter.

March to the Sea said...

you folks have it all wrong. Try a pair of the closed toe "crocs". Also I only wear sandals on occasion..feet do need to breathe after all. Sandals should only be worn w/shorts or a baithing suit never w/pants barring a quick run to the mailbox.