Friday, July 21, 2006

The ESCR III: Jocular Schlemiel

Caricature Number 3 of The Emetic Sage Caricature Review:

Jocular Schlemiel

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Anonymous said...

Um, I turned out horrible? Oh well.

When looking at this picture all that comes to mind is, "what big ears you have, better to hear you with..."

Is that square on his chest a necklace? Like the wood cut out of Africa that the rappers of the early 80's wore.

emetic sage said...

sorry fresh. it was totally a flaw in my abilities, not in the source material.

that's exactly what it is. the man likes his bling... unfortunately.

Hotwire said...

although i like the drawing, i love his quote.

Jocular Schlemiel said...

Dude, my chain only has 2 Hebrew letters on it, not a piece of Moses' tablet.

My ears aren't big. If you had drawn a profile, you might have gotten away with it. Then again, being my supervisor, making fun at my expense woulda got you written up.

I never use racial slurs, especially that word my friend. Why don't you let the Chosen speak Yiddush, ok? How's this, I'll toss a little Greek your way: